Components of an Electronic Cigarette

components of ecigAs consumers of E-cig’s and supplies move away from disposable E-cigs to the more cost efficient long term permanent E-cig’s with their accessories.They may sometimes wonder about the parts that they are purchasing and what exactly they do. Most E-cigarettes come with four distinct parts these are ; the mouth piece, the atomizer, tank and battery. The tank is the most important component of the E-cigarette simply because it holds whatever juice that the user chooses to be using at the current time.

Tanks come in several styles depending on the users desired style they can come in solid colors or clear choices that allow the user to see the levels of nicotine juice remaining in the E-cigarette for use. As the evolution of the Electronic cigarette continues more advancements are made in the engineering of tanks and other accessories for the Electronic cigarette user. Progression of tanks started off with wick systems in which users would fill the tank with desired juice and the fibrous wick would draw up juice to be vaporized by the atomizer. However users are able to notice that sometimes “dry vapes” happen if the wick drys out.

Newer models of tanks can be found using either top or bottom coils to direct juice to the atomizer. With the top coil models the coil and wick reside on the top of the tank and draw the juice up to be atomized, with this setup users can still receive an occasional “dry vape” where there is a lack of atomization due to a reduced amount of juice delivered to the atomizer.

In the case of bottom coil tank setups the coil resides in the bottom surrounded by juice fluid and virtually reduces “dry vape” unless users are using a higher voltage for vaporization of nicotine juice. Another variable that is seen with tanks is the capacity size which simply is how much juice the E-cigarette can hold at one time and these can vary from tanks that hold a few drops of juice to tanks that can hold full bottles of juice prolonging the time that a user can wait before needing to refill. Something that is very convient for users who vape very frequently or simply are to busy in their schedule to stop and fill up.